Make Ranching Great Again

The business of ranching can be much better than many people have been led to believe – but only for those who are not being restrained by outdated traditions and paradigms. We believe the sky is the limit for those who have enough courage to break away from the status quo herd-mentality way of thinking. Dare to be a Herd Quitter!

Even with record-high calf prices, many cow-calf producers are struggling to make a decent living. Others, however, are making a great living and are in the process of expanding their business and/or building wealth. They know what it takes to Make Ranching Great Again. It takes CHANGE!

Cow-calf producers would be wise to take advantage of these record-high prices to change what needs to be changed in their operation. Those who are unwilling to change, however, should seriously consider selling out at these record-high prices, because they will not survive the upcoming fall in cattle prices.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting

Change before you have to.

Jack Welch

Giggle Time

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