Cooperative Producers

Over the years our seedstock program has evolved into a network of outstanding cooperative producers. We’ve been able to increase our numbers without sacrificing quality by accepting only the best bull calves from select cooperator herds. These are producers who have philosophies, genetics, and breeding programs very similar to our own, with whom we have been working very closely for several years. Each Cooperative Producer has signed a contract with Pharo Cattle Company agreeing to abide by our guidelines and philosophies. Below are biographies for all of our cooperative producers.

4-P | 4-P Farms [Angus]

Rod Pelton
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
719-342-1864 (cell)

Kathy Pelton

Rod grew up as a farm boy in Eastern Colorado, and always saw farming in his future. After marrying the girl next door (Kit’s sister, Kathy), he became familiar with Pharo Cattle Company’s philosophy. Rod and Kathy run a small herd of registered Angus, keeping only the ‘best of the best’ cows, i.e. those that know how to work for a living. Rod also serves as a Colorado State Representative and Kathy manages the bull data for Pharo Cattle Company.

83 | 1883 Ranch [Black Angus]

Brian & Jill Munger
Springview, Nebraska
(402) 382-8814

1883 Ranch got its start in 2019, but our roots run much deeper than that. Rufus Seth Reed Munger homesteaded in Keya Paha County, NE in 1883. Currently owned and operated by Brian & Jill Munger (5th generation) with the heavy involvement of the 6th generation: Ethan, Kylin, Colton, Keely, Kortney, and Shane, our ranch has survived the test of time and we want you to know that we are in this for the long haul. If you find yourself roaming through the Sandhills of Nebraska, stop in for a cold glass of tea or a hot cup of coffee!   

ACT | Agape Cattle Company [Red Angus, Hereford]

Woody Thames
Lone Oak Ranch, Valley Mills, Texas
(214) 679-7737

Roger Linn
(214) 437-7844

Lone Oak Ranch was part of an original Spanish land grant in 1832. Our focus is on land stewardship, and we use rotational, high-density grazing to maintain healthy forages that result in healthy cattle. We are constantly working on improving our soil carbon levels, expanding ground cover, and increasing soil rainwater absorption. PCC genetics fit perfectly into our grain-free operation and we are proud to be a Cooperative Producer.

BA | Bruns Angus [Angus]

Kirk & Kristi Bruns
Springview, Nebraska
(402) 841-3671

Bruns Angus is owned and operated by Kirk and Kristi Bruns, along with our children Kara, Paige and Ben. Our moderate-framed Black Angus cows are well-adapted to our low-input environment. We calve in May and June, using rotational grazing in the summer and stockpile or bale grazing in the winter. We appreciate the opportunity to market our bulls with Pharo Cattle Company. Visitors are welcome any time, as seeing is believing.

BSR | Bar S Ranch [Red Angus]

Riley & Kelsey Shay
Edson, Kansas
(785) 694-8300

The Bar S Ranch is located near Edson, Kansas and is owned by Riley and Kelsey Shay. Riley grew up involved in PCC from an early age through his parents’ ranch, raising Black Angus cattle. We bought our first Red Angus cows in 2013. We are delighted to work with Pharo Cattle Company and our goal is to produce low-input, moderate-framed cows with calving ease and fleshing ability. Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to visit with you.

CTM | McDaniel Ranch [Angus, Red Angus]

Cody & Tancy McDaniel
Townsend, Montana
(785) 694-3244

We have been raising Red Angus since 1997. Producing cattle that require few inputs and calve easy is far more enjoyable (and logical) than spending time and money accommodating inefficient cows. We raise the right kind of cattle — self-sufficient, moderate-framed, and easy-fleshing cows that pass these traits onto their calves. Our biggest asset is the privilege of working with Pharo Cattle Company and all of the other like-minded Cooperative Producers that we appreciate so much. Find us on Twitter and our Blog.

D-7 | D Bar 7 Ranch [Heat Tolerant Composite, Red Angus]

Al & Debb Dewit
Armstrong, Missouri
(918) 915-0909

We started out as commercial producers, and realized how tough it is to find bulls raised by low-input cows. In time we encountered Kit Pharo and found that his philosophies really resonated with us. As seedstock producers, we focus on developing easy-fleshing, good-uddered, slick-haired cows that are productive on fescue pastures in the heat and humidity of Missouri. We feel fortunate to be associated with Pharo Cattle Co. and its progressive group of Cooperative producers.

DC | Dry Creek Red Angus [Red Angus, Hereford]

Jon & Terri Luhman
Goodhue, Minnesota
(651) 923-4604 – Home
(651) 380-9635 – Cell

Jared Luhman
Goodhue, Minnesota
(507) 271-5968

Dry Creek Red Angus, located near Goodhue Minnesota, is owned and operated by 2 generations of Luhmans. Jon and Terri along with Jared and Valarie make up the Dry Creek team that is focusing on improving the land that God has allowed us to manage. We breed cattle that thrive in our natural environment and take full advantage of our forage only program. We feel fortunate to be able to work with PCC in producing low maintenance, profit making seedstock and welcome you to come and visit.

D-J – David Johnson

Salem, Missouri
573-729-0164 (home)
573-247-0164 (cell)

Our family has been developing Angus cows in southern Missouri’s fescue country.  We have selected for traits that work in our heat and humidity.   Improving our grazing resources is a priority.   Animal health and soil health and diversity of forages are among these ideas.   We are focused on the genetics required in our environment because we believe if the cattle can perform here, they can thrive in most other environments.   We are fortunate to be working with the PCC organization as we approach another decade of challenges and exciting ideas.

FSR | Flying S Ranch [Angus, Crossbred]

Ryan & Diane Shay
St. Francis, Kansas
(785) 332-3209 – Home
(785) 332-5588 – Cell

Diane and I have run a low-input Angus herd since 1994, and we are proud to carry on my father’s tradition of producing only the best cattle and horses. Our cows calve on Republican River bottom grass in March and April, with a minimum amount of harvested forage. They graze native grass in the summer and fall, and winter on corn stalks. Please give us a call or stop by to see us anytime.

GMJ Ranch

GMJ | GMJ Cattle Farm [Angus]

Jason Spigner
Tupelo, Mississippi
(662) 862-6929 – Jason Home
(662) 255-7937 – Jason Cell

Margaret Spigner
Tupelo, Mississippi
(662) 862-9592 – Margaret Home
(662) 401-7423 – Margaret Cell

Our program was started by the patriarch of our family, Glendon Spigner, and carried forward by Jason and Margaret Spigner after his passing. We have focused on registered Angus since 1990, producing medium-framed, low-maintenance cattle that can thrive in Mississippi’s brutally hot and humid summers. We are pleased to be Pharo Cattle Company Cooperative Producers, and hope to continue in this role for years to come.

JJS | Summerford Cattle Company [Black Angus, Red Angus]

John & Pam Summerford
Ashford, Alabama
(334) 797-1391 – Home

Summerford Cattle Company is located in Ashford, AL, is owned by John and Pam Summerford and raises Red and Black Angus. Being in Southeast AL, our environment consists of extreme heat, high humidity and washy grass. We began our transition to the PCC way of sustainable ranching in 2013 by buying our first PCC bull and moving to April-May calving. Since then we have seen our company make great strides towards the more sustainable and enjoyable form of cattle ranching. I am humble and thankful to be a part of the PCC Cooperative Producer network and its vast wealth of knowledge.

LCC | Lost Creek Cattle [Angus]

Sean & Kat Weinert
Hettinger, North Dakota
(701) 567-6635

Sean and Kat formed Lost Creek Cattle Company in 2010 when they purchased the home quarter. Our cows have been selected to thrive on an all forage diet, and it has been the leading factor in our ability to finish cattle on grass. We have recently begun to sell pasture finished beef. We run on a combination of native and tame pastures in SW North Dakota. The bulls that we sell will help your operation by providing offspring that are easy fleshing, low maintenance animals that will thrive on your forage.

N-K | N-K Land and Cattle [Angus, Red Angus]

Phil & Linda Wertenberger
Sabetha, Kansas
(785) 284-3258 – Home
(785) 285-0079 – Cell

At N-K Angus, a mix of prairie, creeks, and timber provide a great environment for our cow-calf operation. We raise all species of livestock with a holistic approach utilizing rotational grazing of cool season and fescue grasses. Pharo Cattle Company genetics, smart grass management, and calving in sync with nature = more profit and more fun! To us, being part of the PCC network is a privilege.

OAR | Orton Angus Ranch [Black Angus]

Jason & Chana Orton
Mills, NE
(402) 244-5264

Orton Angus Ranch is owned by Jason and Chana Orton. Our daughter, Caitlin, and son, Raden, also have important roles in the operation. We purchased our first registered cows from Bruns Angus in 2017. Our ranch is located in north central Nebraska, just north of the Niobrara River on the edge of the Sandhills. We calve in May and June using rotational grazing in the summer and fall. The cattle graze mostly sub-irrigated meadows with some bale grazing in the winter.

OH & OHN | Ozark Hills Genetics [Red Angus]

David Hall
West Plains, Missouri
(417) 293-1072

Ozark Hills Genetics started in 1993 as a partnership between Jerry Hall and his son David. Our commercial cow-calf operation gradually turned into a purebred Red Angus ranch. These red cows are our passion and we are very proud of them. The “relentless pursuit of fertility, performance, and longevity” is the phrase that best describes what we do. Call anytime, or better yet, come and visit. We’d love to show you some good red cows and southern hospitality!

PAR | Pulliam Angus Ranch

Robert & Gina Pulliam
Montrose, Colorado
(970) 240-8704

Pulliam Angus is located in the mountains near Montrose, Colorado. Robert and Gina manage a commercial Angus herd at Buckhorn Mountain Ranch with sons Nathan, Jason and his wife Rachel. We also manage a private herd of Registered Angus. Pharo bulls changed everything for us, producing moderate frame, low maintenance, fertility, and calving ease as promised. We are excited for the opportunity to join PCC and hope to supply some high altitude PAP tested Angus for other producers.

PCC | Pharo Cattle Company [Red Angus, Angus, Composite]

Tyson Pharo
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
(800) 311-0995

Kit Pharo
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
(719) 342-5085

The “PCC” prefix (by itself) is used to identify bulls produced by cows owned by Kit and Tyson Pharo. Some of these cows are located at PCC Headquarters in Cheyenne Wells, while others are placed in Cooperator Herds around the country. You will see the PCC prefix on Angus, Red Angus and Composite bulls. If you are passing through, we would love to give you a personal tour of our ranch and cattle.

P-L | Landrigan Livestock [Angus, Red Angus, Composite]

Paul & Janet Landrigan
Broken Bow, Nebraska
(651) 923-4604 – Home

Love of the cow-calf business and a ruthless practicality combined with a sense of genetic responsibility are the motivators at Landrigan Livestock. The cow test is simple: calve annually in a least cost environment. Earmarks of our herd are ease of maintenance, trouble-free calving, docility, longevity, and winter forage hardiness. Our range management practices are aimed at harvesting forage as well as improving the quality of life above and below the soil surface.

R2R | R2 Ranch [Red Angus, Red Angus Plus]

Richard Luciano
Fischer, Texas
Yancey, Texas
(512) 484-5522

Sara Toussaint-Mesa
(830) 481-4043

Past experience has shown me that some animals could make it on the land we have, while others would need a feed bag. Multiple droughts have enabled us to cull to a core herd of low-maintenance, highly-fertile cows. We have both a direction and a destination for our herd, informed by the Pharo Cattle Company philosophies. We feel blessed by the opportunity to work with PCC and the other Cooperative Producers.

RRG | Rocking 3R Ranch [Black Angus]

Ian & Billie Gerrish
Hillsboro, Texas
(651) 923-4604 – Home

My wife Billie and our 3 kids live near Hillsboro, Texas. We use management intensive grazing practices and PCC genetics to help heal and get the best production out of our land here in central Texas. Getting to work with Pharo Cattle Company and its group of progressive thinkers has been a true pleasure. We run our operation mostly on leased ground but would love to show you around.

RSR | Rocking S Ranch [Black Angus]

Nathan & Cheyanne Stevenson
Grinnell, Kansas
(785) 953-7163

Rocking S Ranch is owned and operated by Nathan and Cheyanne Stevenson located south of Oakley, Kansas. Our goal is to raise cattle that are adapted to our environment, a low maintenance grass efficient herd with fleshing ability and calving ease. We want our cows to not only survive on grass alone, but to flourish without supplements. We run our cow herd on native Kansas grasslands through the summer and fall. We winter them on a variety of stalks, grassland, and stockpiled forages. Feel free to contact us any time, we’d love to visit with you.

SSCC | Seven Spades Cattle Company [Angus]

Dave & Donna Gwyn
Stratton, Colorado
(719) 348-5437

Our cattle venture started back in 1987 with 15 cows purchased with all our savings and a low-interest ag loan. After several years of breeding conventional cattle with disappointing results, Dave had some key conversations with Kit Pharo. And those talks opened the doors to the genetics we needed to become successful. If you are ever in our area and want to take a look, please call us. We would enjoy talking cows and spending time with you.

T&T | T&T Cattle Company [Red Angus, Hereford, Composite/Other]

Bobby & Erica Thoman
Riverton, Wyoming
(307) 850-2129

T & T Cattle focuses on grass-based genetics that are moderate, fertile, functional, and efficient. As production and input costs increase, it will be more imperative to have cattle that can “do it all” on grass. Our cattle are low-input and perform well on grass with minimal supplementation. Our cattle are not “survival” cattle; they excel on grass and exhibit great fleshing ability with an attractive phenotype. Our cattle are predominately registered Red Angus, but we also have some Angus, SimAngus, and Hereford genetics.

TCH | Turner Creek Herd [Angus]

Eddy & Perri McMurtry
Shamrock, Texas
(806) 256-2979

In working with cattle, I like to remember wisdom from my Dad, such as “You know son, the easiest way to get a cow to do what you want is to let her think it was her idea,” and “if you can figure out what a cow is thinking, it will make this a lot easier.” Another important philosophy I agree with comes from Pharo Cattle Company: “Raising cattle should be enjoyable and profitable.”

TF | Toby Foland [Angus, Red Angus, Composite]

Toby Foland
Wheatland, Wyoming
(307) 331-1453

I live in Wheatland, Wyoming and maintain a herd of efficient, moderate-framed Angus and Composite cows. I have been breeding my cows to Angus, Tarentaise, and Composite bulls from Pharo Cattle Company from many years. My goal is to produce efficient, easy-fleshing, good-natured cattle that optimize hybrid vigor and increase my profits. Calving in May and June has greatly reduced my input costs while shortening my calving season.

USA | USA Angus

Dave & Marianne Christensen
Peyton, Colorado
(719) 491-0429

Our family has been in the livestock business since 1846. Cattle are our heritage and embedded in our DNA. My maternal grandfather, Charles Datisman, joined the American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders’ Association in 1917 and we are proud to follow in his footsteps. Raising cattle and calving in sync with nature while also creating vibrant healthy rangeland is our passion. We feel truly blessed to be caretakers of God’s creation.

WCC | Walker Cattle Company [Heat Tolerant Composite, Red Angus]

Weston Walker
Aldrich, Missouri
(417) 777-0599

Weston Walker is an 8th generation Ozarkian livestock producer who owns and operates Walker Cattle Company. The Walker program focuses on producing well-adapted cattle that fit their environment, including temperature extremes, high humidity and endophyte-infected fescue. Rigorous selection and adherence to low inputs produces cattle that can excel anywhere in the country and be efficient and profitable. The WCC program produces Red Angus & Heat-Adapted Composites. Tours and phone calls welcome.