Our Sales

Our ranch-raised bulls represent our unique philosophy and breeding program. They have been carefully bred to meet the demands of the commercial cowman. We keep extensive records on our cattle and we follow a very strict selection and culling program that is based on facts and figures, as well as on frequent observations and evaluations.

Cowboy Auction

Everyone who has attended one of our Cowboy Auctions has appreciated and enjoyed it. There are no fast-talking auctioneers and no loud, in-your-face bid-takers.

Here’s how it works: each bull has a base price posted in the catalog. When it is time to sell a particular bull, we will ask those who are interested, at the base price, to raise their buyer number. If there is only one number in the air, the bull will be sold to that number at the base price. If there is more than one number in the air, we will increase the price in $250 to $500 increments until only one number remains.

This provides a very simple, low-pressure way to purchase bulls. You will always know what the bid is and who is bidding against you. When a tie occurs, we will give the bid to the bidder with the lowest buyer number.   The other bidder(s) then have the option increase the bid by $50 or $100 (up to the next $100 increment) to stay in the auction. We can usually break a tie in 5 or 10 seconds.

Health and Fertility

We maintain a very thorough health program. These bulls have all passed a health and breeding soundness examination and have been cleared for interstate transportation. All bulls have tested negative for PI-BVD and Trichomoniasis. They are guaranteed to be breeders.

Semen Interests

On designated bulls we retain the right to collect, use and market semen at some future date. As purchaser of the bull, you will receive a 25% revenue-sharing semen interest along with full possession of the bull. If done at all, semen will be collected at your convenience and at PCC’s expense.   Anyone with a semen interest will be allowed to collect and store semen for in-herd use with no obligation to others with a semen interest. In the event semen is marketed and revenue is produced, the resulting proceeds (less the incurred expenses) shall be divided among those who own a semen interest.


Guaranteed Calving Ease

Most of the bulls offered in this sale could be successfully used on first-calf heifers.   We rate each bull for calving ease with 1 to 5 “stars”. Our 5-star bulls are considered the absolute best, but those with 3- and 4-stars are also recommended for use on most first-calf heifers. For the most part, our 2-star bulls are breed average for calving ease. This is what everyone else is selling.

We are so confident in the calving ease of our 5-star calving ease bulls that we provide a one-year calving ease guarantee on all of our 5-star bulls.   For every calf you have to pull that was sired by one of our 5-star calving ease bulls, we’ll pay you $100 – no questions asked. If a caesarean or other veterinary assistance was required, we’ll pay your vet bill. We want you to be able to look forward to your next calving season!

Genetic Defect Guarantee

Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee that all of the bulls in our sales do not carry a gene for any known genetic defect.


Repeat Buyer Discount

There is nothing more valuable to us than a happy customer who keeps coming back, and we like to show you our appreciation.   Repeat customers (purchased within previous 14 months) receive a 5% discount on all their bulls purchased at the second sale.

Quantity Discount

We offer quantity discounts so you can get your bull buying accomplished in one place. If you purchase five or more bulls, we give you a 5% Discount on all the bulls you purchased at that sale. If you purchase ten or more bulls, we give you a 10% Discount on all the bulls you purchase at that sale. Do the math — that’s one FREE bull for every nine that you purchase!

Repeat sale and quantity discounts cannot be combined.

Bull Warranty

Our bulls have always had a reputation for being tough as nails.   They also have a reputation for being able to breed more cows for more years.   Even so, problems can and do occur.   Therefore, for the first time ever, all bulls purchased at a cataloged PCC bull sale will be guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against injury or loss that renders them incapable of breeding, with the following exceptions.

     – Incurred during transportation
     – Caused by motorized vehicle and/or equipment
     – Caused by disease, nutrition or poisoning
     – Caused by carelessness or neglect
     – Caused by failure to maintain acceptable animal husbandry
     – Caused by poor management (e.g., low cow to bull ratio)
     – Caused by acts of God, war, insurrection or terrorism

This guarantee applies only to bulls that have been maintained, at all times, by the original purchaser for breeding purposes that are consistent with acceptable industry standards. All injuries must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of injury. If the attending veterinarian deems treatment would be in the best interest of the animal, then treatment should be administered. Customer must notify PCC immediately after the bull has been examined by the veterinarian. A letter from the attending veterinarian that identifies the animal, identifies the problem and provides an expected prognosis will be required. Pharo Cattle Company reserves the right to get a second opinion from another veterinarian. Getting the bull back into breeding condition will always be our first and primary objective.

If it is determined that the bull has sustained permanent damage, PCC will issue a credit for the purchase price less salvage value. If it is determined the bull should be functional for the following breeding season, PCC will issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price, and the customer will keep the bull. The credit must be used at a cataloged PCC bull sale within one year of the date it was issued.

30-Day Warranty

Our 30-day Warranty covers the bull for 30 days after the sale. We require it on all bulls purchased through one of our three Stay-At-Home options, as well as on all bulls that will be delivered to one of our delivery points. This coverage is intended to cover liability issues and to protect the buyer’s interests until the animal is safe and sound at its new home. The cost of this Warranty is 2% of the purchase price.   It will automatically be added to the purchase price of all Stay-At-Home purchases, as well as to purchases that will be delivered to one of our delivery points.

It was a real eye-opener when we noticed that all the bulls purchased from Pharo Cattle Company stayed in much better condition than the bulls we purchased elsewhere.”

– R.J. Jolly (Colorado)