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2024 Fall sale dates are November 4, 9, 16, & 23

Colorado Fall Sale

Monday, November 4th
1pm MST

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Saturday, November 9th
1pm CST

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Saturday, November 16th
1pm MST

Nebraska Fall Sale

Saturday, November 23rd
1pm CST

POUNDS-PER-ACRE determines profit, not pounds-per-animal. 

Our Customers are the Most Profitable Cow-Calf Producers in the World

Our mission is to help ranchers put more fun and profit into their business. While everyone else is focused on increasing pounds per animal (bragging rights), we are focused on increasing more pounds per acre (profit).

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Our Philosophy

1. Honesty and integrity will not be compromised.
2. We manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner.
3. The breed of cattle is not nearly as important as the selection criteria that comprise the breeding program.
4. Our cows are run in a real-world environment as tough as – or tougher than – the environment most commercial cows are run in.

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OUR MISSION: To help ranchers put more fun and profit into their business.

Although we started out as a very small “Mom and Pop” business, we have grown into something much bigger. Pharo Cattle Company is much more than one ranch and one family. We currently have cooperative herds in 12 different states – from Minnesota and Ohio to hot, humid fescue country in Missouri and Mississippi and all the way to the high-plains desert. We also have cooperative herds from the central plains of Texas all the way to the northern plains of Montana and North Dakota. We have proven that our philosophies and our genetics can increase profit per acre in nearly all environments.

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Our ranch-raised bulls represent our unique philosophy and breeding program.   They have been carefully bred to meet the demands of the commercial cowman.

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We have the biggest and best selection of grass-based genetics in North America.   Our goal is to provide the bulls that will help you minimize expenses and maximize profits.

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Read our weekly herd Quitter Blog for updates on the cattle industry, ranch practices, and a few things to put a smile on your face. 

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