A recent blog from Farnam Street on success caught my attention. The blog pointed out that the one thing that stands out when it comes to success is mindset.

If you want results, you need to approach things like a professional, not an amateur. It all comes down to your approach.

• Amateurs have a goal. Professionals have a system.
• Amateurs focus on dividing the pie. Professionals focus on growing the pie.
• Amateurs stop when they achieve something. Professionals understand that the initial achievement is just a launchpad for the next step.
• Amateurs are reactive. Professionals are proactive.
• Amateurs want to win the moment. Professionals want to win the decade.
• Amateurs wait for someone to recognize their positional, tap them on the shoulder and give them a big opportunity. Professionals go show people what they are capable of with no expectations.
• Amateurs are kinda-in. Professionals are all-in.
• Amateurs focus on the outcome. Professionals focus on the process.
• Amateurs think they are good at everything. Professionals understand their circle of competence.
• Amateurs see feedback and coaching as someone criticizing who they are. Professionals know they have blind spots and seek out thoughtful criticism.
• Amateurs value doing it once. Professionals value doing it consistently.

Being a professional can be painful but it is very rewarding. It’s hard to do it by yourself. When it comes to profitable ranching, PCC offers the right genetics and a support system that can help you become a professional!

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