I recently read a blurb about occupations and how we should be having fun. I wonder how that applies to agriculture. How many people do you know who really love what they are doing? How many are engaged? How many just treat it like a job?

It got me thinking about how I approach ranching. Yes, there are those tasks that no one wants to do, but for the most part, I enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t hurry to get things done just for the sake of getting them done. I honestly enjoy many of the tasks.

I enjoy working our cows, whether at branding, AI breeding, weaning or pregnancy checking in the fall. Our cows are easy to work. Our facilities have not always been the best, but that has kept my help from “cowboying” the cows too much. Though not ideal, a “fragile” set of corrals makes me work more on my stockmanship skills by using low-stress techniques.

I enjoy tagging calves in the spring. Some cows will breathe down my neck, but none will eat my lunch. I enjoy playing “detective” with a few cows that are great at hiding their calves. Though I’m not always happy about it, a good footrace to catch that hidden calf keeps me in shape.

I honestly enjoy fixing fence. I like working with my hands, but some of these tasks I have to pass on to the next generation. I do enjoy teaching my kids how to do all these things as well.

I like researching (go figure), planning pasture rotations, figuring out budgets, keeping detailed records, planning matings, evaluating cattle, designing pasture and corral layouts, doing anything horseback, welding and fabrication and discussing all of the above!

Is there anything I don’t like? YES, I do not like mechanic’ing. Luckily my dad and a few brothers enjoy mechanic’ing so I don’t have to throw wrenches and practice my cussing. That’s one thing I will gladly hire out!

What is it about my operation that makes it so enjoyable? The top of my list is a good attitude, a willingness to learn, and a God-centered life. After that, I believe it is proper genetics that are profitable and enjoyable to be around. Thanks, PCC, for doing your part to make ranching fun!

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