From the very beginning (40 years ago), Pharo Cattle Company has had Zero Tolerance for cows that do not live up to our expectations. Suffice it to say our expectations are much higher than anyone else’s in the registered business.

Most cows, with enough inputs, can survive and reproduce – but that takes most of the profit out of ranching. We expect our cows to graze year-round with minimum inputs. We believe a cow should be treated like a cow. She needs to be supporting the ranch – instead of being supported by the ranch!

We expect a cow to have her first calf unassisted at two years of age – and to continue to calve every 12 months after that. There are NO EXCUSES and NO SECOND CHANCES! This “Zero Tolerance” policy is extremely rare in other seedstock programs. If your seedstock producer doesn’t treat his cows tougher than you treat your cows, how will he be able to help you improve your genetics?

Not only do we expect a cow to get bred and to have a calf every 12 months, we also expect her to still have that calf at weaning time. NO EXCUSES and NO SECOND CHANCES! No matter what happened to the calf, we blame the cow. We may get rid of a few so-called “good” cows by doing this – but we get rid of ALL the bad cows!

For over three decades… we have helped thousands of ranchers produce cows that fit their environment. This is much more profitable than artificially changing the environment with expensive inputs to fit their cows! We are doing this in many different environments – on four different continents. There is a reason our customers are the most profitable cow-calf producers in the world!

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