Deanna’s cat has doubled in size since we took him to our mountain cabin a little over two months ago. I don’t know what his name is, but I call him Walter in honor of Walter the Cat in the Chevy Silverado commercials. For a good laugh, watch the two videos below. Nine different cats, with different skills, were used to create these commercials.

Deanna’s cat definitely has a unique personality! He only has two speeds—all-out and sleep. He loves to race around the house and up and down the stairs. He has a three-inch rubber ball that he loves to bat around, chase and wrestle with. When I walk across a room or go up a set of stairs, Walter races ahead of me and hides. When I pass by, he jumps out and grabs me by the leg. Even though I know what is going to happen, he still scares me half of the time.

Notice the M-shaped marking on the cat’s forehead. Maybe that is an upside-down W for Walter. Not really. All tabby cats have this distinctive M-shaped marking on their forehead. I did not know that until two weeks ago. I learn something new every day. I just wish I could remember all the things I learn.

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