Sissy Bulls… and Fat, Dry Cows

by | Oct 8, 2023 | Kit Pharo | 0 comments

In my recent travels, I have seen several cowherds from the roads and highways. I have also seen several bulls. Some cowherds still have the bulls running with them.
Many of the bulls I have seen don’t look much like bulls. They have a steer head and show very little masculinity. They are Sissy Bulls! A bull should look like a bull! It takes a masculine bull to produce feminine cows. Sissy bulls produce subfertile cows that have a course look to them.
I have been surprised at the number of fat, dry cows I see. A fat, dry cow is one that did not have a calf this year. She eats as much as a cow that is raising a calf – but she won’t produce any income. Many of the cows that are raising a calf are thin. Some are so thin they won’t get bred. They will be fat, dry cows next year.
Most cow-calf producers have selected for the wrong things for way too long. Pharo Cattle Company is different for all the right reasons! We breed and select for thick, easy-fleshing bulls that look like a bull. These bulls will produce thick, easy-fleshing cows with tremendous fertility. They can stay fat while raising a calf.
The bull pictured above is Daily Double. He is all bull and he knows it! The cow next to Daily Double is his granddam at 12 years of age. Notice her condition and udder. Her first calf was the great Pay Day bull who is the sire of Daily Double.
Many cow-calf producers are grossly in error when they assume an extremely masculine bull like Daily Double will not have calving ease. Masculine bulls don’t look that way when they are born. Masculinity is a result of testosterone. Daily Double has extreme calving ease! His Calving Ease Direct EPD is in the top 3% of the entire Angus breed!
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