Solar Bulls vs Diesel Bulls –

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Kit Pharo | 0 comments

The current beef industry was built on cheap feed and cheap fuel. That era is over – and it ain’t coming back! In the last 50 years, fossil fuel-based expenses have risen four times faster than cattle prices. Consequently, a cow-calf producer’s net profit is quickly becoming more and more dependent on reducing and eliminating expenses than on anything else.
The time has come… for beef producers to transition from high-input management practices that are based on fossil fuel energy to low-input management practices that are based almost exclusively on solar energy. Among other things, this will require producers to make a transition from high-input genetics to low-input genetics.

Nearly all of the bulls being sold today have high-input genetics. They are being developed on high-energy feedlot rations. We refer to these bulls as Diesel Bulls. Most will melt and fall apart when you take them home. They will produce replacement females that require more than solar energy to stay in production.

In contrast, Pharo Cattle Company has been producing and marketing low-input bulls for over 30 years. All of our bulls are developed without grain. Most are developed on forage only. Our Solar Bulls will produce replacement females that fit your environment. They will make it possible for you to eliminate many of your expenses.
But wait: there’s more… Because of the way our Solar Bulls have been bred and developed, they can breed twice as many cows for twice as many years as the typical Diesel Bull. What’s a bull worth that can breed twice as many cows for twice as many years? He is worth a whole lot more than you will ever have to pay for him!

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