Catching Up –

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Kit Pharo | 0 comments

When I returned home from our Nebraska and Montana Bull Workdays I was way behind on my reading (thumbing through). I had a large pile of status quo beef publications to go through – including the Angus Journal and the Red Angus Journal. There were also several bull sale catalogs – but I don’t waste much time on them.
After spending less than an hour going through the pile, I was sick and tired of seeing pictures of long-legged, overfed, gutless cows and bulls that have no real substance. It seems that everyone in the world is trying to produce the same type of beef animal – the type that has no place in the real world.
Allow me to show you what a real bull looks like. This PCC Daily Double. He is in his working clothes on the Lost Creek Ranch in North Dakota. Daily Double has 13 sons in our upcoming Montana Bull Sale – and they are all studs!
Notice the horizontal happy lines on this bull’s ribs. These are fat deposits that indicate the bull is very healthy and is getting all of his needs met. He is a low-maintenance Happy Bull! You will never see happy lines on the tall, gutless animals pictured in the status quo beef publications. Pharo Cattle Company… your source for Happy Bulls!
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