Dollars to Donuts

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Dollars to Donuts

As a form of entertainment, I like to thumb through beef publications looking at bull sale advertisements.   With almost no exceptions, bull suppliers continue to be focused on nothing but helping you increase pounds per cow (bragging rights).   That’s the only game they know.   Some, however, appear to understand there are problems associated with this approach – but they are unable to switch directions.

For example, one ad really got my attention when it asked, “Are your cows getting too big?”   That question was followed by, “Do you want more growth with less costly cows?”   What does this guy know that I don’t know?   The ad then shared the stats on their featured bull.   This bull is in the top 2% of the entire Angus breed for weaning weight.

As we have said before… it is impossible to increase weaning weight without increasing cow size.   That is why cow size has increased 40% in the last 50 years.   Unbeknownst to most people, however, there has been NO significant increase in weaning weights in commercial cowherds since 2001.   Sadly, cow size has continued to increase for the last 20 years, while weaning weights have remained unchanged.

I would bet dollars to doughnuts this so-called “high-growth” bull will not increase your weaning weights one bit.   Why?   Because his calves will not fit your environment.   The only way to get the growth his EPDs say you should get would require heavy supplementation.   That’s a sure-fire way to go broke!   This bull will increase your cow size – but he will not increase your weaning weights.

I just had a thought…   I think I will buy this bull and let one of our customers use him for free.   I would bet dollars to doughnuts the PCC-sired calves will have heavier weaning weights than the calves sired by this so-called “high-growth” bull.   Why?   Because the PCC-sired calves will do a much better job of fitting their environment.   We won’t cheat you on pounds; we will just put those pounds in a thicker and beefier package.

I would also bet dollars to doughnuts the PCC bulls will breed twice as many cows for twice as many years as this so-called “high-growth” bull.   There are many hidden advantages to using low-maintenance PCC bulls that are developed without grain.   Pharo Cattle Company has always been determined to give their customers the biggest bang for every buck they spend on bulls.

Do you know what else I would wager dollars to doughnuts on?   I would wager dollars to doughnuts the PCC bulls will sire smaller, more efficient cows than this so-called “high-growth” bull.   For 30 years, our bulls have been bred and selected to help you increase pounds and profit per acre – instead of per cow.   Stocking rate affects profitability, or lack thereof, more than anything else!

Question: When will cow-calf producers come to their senses and change the direction of their high-input, low-profit programs?   No one knows!   Until then, the Herd Quitters will continue to have a HUGE competitive advantage over all of their status quo neighbors.   This is too easy!

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