In most places, the cost to buy or lease land is unbelievably high – and it seems to be going up all the time.   Never before has it been so important to maximize production per acre.   Unfortunately, most cow-calf producers remain focused on increasing production per animal (bragging rights).   They continue to purchase bulls that were bred to increase production per animal.   As they increase production per animal, their profit continues to fall.“If corn farmers thought like beef producers, they would space their plants far apart and try to maximize the number of ears per plant and the number of kernels per ear.   They would think nothing about yield per acre.   In the end, they would all go broke.”   ~ Johan Zietsman

We have proof that most cow-calf producers have the ability to double their profits on a sustainable basis – if they desire to do so.   This, however, will never take place until they STOP focusing on the wrong thing.   You must STOP focusing on pounds per animal (bragging rights) – and START focusing on pounds per acre (profit).   Once you get good at maximizing your production per acre, you will be able to pay more for land than anyone else in your area.   Ask your banker if he thinks you should focus on bragging rights or on profit.

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