For the last two weeks, we have been discussing the concept of selling people what they want – instead of what they need.   There is a big difference.   Once our basic needs have been met, we can’t help but think about the things we want.   If we want something badly enough, we will do our best to change it from a want to a need.   That is what the above Cowboy Logic refers to.   For example, I really want a new pair of boots.   After a while, I want those new boots so badly I will come up with all sorts of reasons why I need them.   Once I convince myself that I need the boots, I will most likely purchase the boots.

Do people always know what they should want?   Probably not.   Those who are trapped in an outdated paradigm almost never know what they should want because it is impossible for them to think outside the box they have put themselves in.   I’ve heard it said that if Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.   At that time, very few people had the ability to understand how motorized vehicles could change their life, as well as the world around them.   Many people today are trapped in outdated paradigms.   They have wants – but they mistakenly want the wrong things.

Status quo cow-calf producers, for example, continue to want bigger and bigger weaning weights.   They will do whatever it takes to increase individual weaning weights.   That’s their paradigm.   Although it has been proven over and over that as individual weaning weights increase pounds and profit per acre decrease, they cannot understand.   They want to continue purchasing tall, high-maintenance bulls that can supposedly increase individual weaning weights when they should be wanting moderate-sized, low-maintenance bulls that will increase pounds and profit per acre.

It doesn’t matter how big your cattle are if they’re not profitable.   That’s a no-brainer – but most status quo producers are unable to understand this simple truth.   However, as the cost of inputs continues to increase, status quo producers will eventually be forced to look outside the box they have put themselves in – and want the right things.   If they don’t, they will be forced out of business or forced to supplement their business with outside money.   Their kids and grandkids are hoping they make the right decision – sooner rather than later.


Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

          “Not making a decision means forgoing an opportunity.”   ~ Auliq Ice

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