Early this year I had the pleasure of calling on folks who have purchased cattle from PCC in the past 12 months. Like others in the company who placed customer calls, I was looking for feedback – looking to find out if we are serving our customers to their satisfaction. Asking for feedback is an absolutely critical ingredient in the formula for success of any business or company. It takes a dose of both bravery and humility to ask, “How are we doing?”

The customer calls revealed a couple of interesting things. First of all, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I’d talk to one customer who raved about the PCC’s recent practice of using video rather than running the bulls through the sale ring (the bulls are still available to be viewed out in the pens). A customer would say how keeping the bulls quiet like that keeps them from having a bad experience and he really thinks that’s a plus. The very next customer would say, “Gee, I sure miss having the bulls run through the ring. It really helps a guy make up his mind about how much to bid in the final moments.” The next customer would be back to praising the video format, and so it would go.

But there are two things all the customers had in common. The first is a dedication to common sense low-maintenance livestock management (read Herd Quitter). The second is an appreciation for a trustworthy family business. Customers repeatedly stated how much they liked the straight-talking, road-less-travelled approach to breeding and to business. PCC not only offers bull warranties, they offer multiple ways to find the best bull for your needs – even if you choose one of the Stay-at-Home options for purchase. Check out our Quick Sort program or call Kit, Tyson, Weston or Cody for advice. PCC wants you to find the right bull for you, whether your priority is calving ease, fleshing ability, fly-resistance – or better yet, all of the above!

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