As stated on the second page of our newsletters, our mission at Pharo Cattle Company has always been to: “Help ranchers put more fun and profit into their business.”

We believe it is possible for most cow-calf producers to double their profit per acre on a sustainable basis. This is exciting! This is what drives us at Pharo Cattle Company. Yes… we know most status quo producers shake their heads and disagree with us. So be it. Enough Herd Quitters have proven this statement to be true that it needs to be said – over and over again.

First and foremost… this will require producers to be open-minded and willing to make some paradigm changes. This, of course, is much easier said than done. It will also require producers to think in terms of production and profit per acre – instead of per animal. It will require producers to work with nature – instead of against nature. It will require producers to implement proper grazing management – and it will require producers to have the right size and type of cattle.

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