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Generalissimo (RS)

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D-7 E353

The Romosinuano breed is a tropically-adapted Bos Taurus breed that originated in the Sinú valley of northern Colombia, South America. They appear to be the most heat tolerant of the various breeds we are working with. Generalissimo is the result of breeding a Romo cow to a Johnny Mizzou son. He was the best of the five Romo-cross bulls we sold at our 2020 Alabama sale. He was the only one with 5-star fleshing ability. He was also the only one that combined a 5+ hair coat with 5+ fly resistance. Generalissimo is co-owned with D Bar 7 Ranch in Missouri.

Description: Red/Polled (50% RS; 50% AR)


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Generalissimo (RS)

Birth Date March 23, 2019
Straw Price $12/straw

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Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


Frame Mt Wt
4.5 (est) N/A

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PCC Breed Selection

Not every breed has the type of cattle that can meet the requirements established by our philosophy. We have studied many different breeds to find cattle with the biological type most suited to our environment and our philosophies. Our focus has always been on low-maintenance cattle with strong maternal traits. Our seedstock program includes Red Angus, Black Angus, Hereford, Tarentaise, Mashona, as well as Composites of these breeds.