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PCC FSR Fat Chance 2013F

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Fat Chance is a relatively new addition to our lineup. Three-fourths of his pedigree is a total outcross to the PCC program. We expect him to bring in some hybrid vigor. He is an early-maturing bull — with 5-star grass efficiency. His DNA profile indicates that he will sire daughters with tremendous fertility. Fat Chance has a birth weight EPD that is in the top 20% of the Angus breed. He is co-owned with Flying S Ranch in Kansas and Enrique Valles, who is the PCC representative in Mexico.

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Fat Chance

Birth Weight 69 Pounds
Registration 19300750
Straw Price $12/straw
Certificate Price $35/certificate

Our Genetic Predictions

Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


B Wt W Wt Y Wt
-0.3 +30 +58
Milk Frame Mt Wt
+32 4.0 (est) N/A

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PCC Breed Selection

Not every breed has the type of cattle that can meet the requirements established by our philosophy. We have studied many different breeds to find cattle with the biological type most suited to our environment and our philosophies. Our focus has always been on low-maintenance cattle with strong maternal traits. Our seedstock program includes Red Angus, Black Angus, Hereford, Tarentaise, Mashona, as well as Composites of these breeds.