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Updated 11-24-2015 (Note: If you don't see the most recent date of updates, please click refresh to make sure the most recent update has loaded on your web browser. )


450-500lb Open Commercial Black Angus Heifers.  Must have 10 years of PCC genetics.  Please call Louis Vander Vorst at (701) 336-7387   (1/5)


70 hd. running age Hereford cows bred to PCC black-hided Red Angus Johnny B Good sons for April-May calving.  15 B-BB heifers bred to 4star PCC blk. Angus for April-May calving.  60 blk-bb cows bred to Gelbvieh - Angus bulls for April-May calving.  Selling at Centennial livestock, Monday Nov. 30 in Ft. Collins, CO.  Broadcast on internet at cattle USA.  Complete dispersal.  Vince Holton - 970-301-0162   (12/01)


Registered Red Angus - 29 pairs with 4-5 Star PCC sired calves at side. Many AI’d to PCC Kaycee Hobo and pasture exposed for 45 days to start May 22, 2016. Will preg check on November 18th. Very low input Nebraska Sandhills ranch. Rusty Star Cattle Co. Rick Marshall 817-732-1196 office or Tyler Greer 402-387-1509 ranch.  (12/1)


Bred Heifers - 12 Head of small frame Lapp Herefords AI bred to PCC Colfax and pasture exposed to 4-5 Star Red Angus PCC bulls for 45 days.  Start May 22nd.  Really nicely matched group. Rusty Star Cattle Co.  Tyler Greer 402-387-1509 ranch or Rick Marshall 817-732-1196 office.  (12/1)


Commercial Heifers - 49 head of multi generation 4-5 Star PCC Red Angus breeding.  Extremely low input Nebraska Sandhills ranch.  All small framed, deep and wide.  A great set of heifers.  Rusty Star Cattle Co.  Rick Marshall 817-732-1196 office or Tyler Greer 402-387-1509 ranch.   (12/1)


PCC Bulls for sale 3, 4 & 5 star calving ease. Bought from PCC from 2010-2013. Have 6 hd. Some Angus. Most composite. All pap tested at 10,000 ft. Good dispositions. Located in Colorado.  Call Eric for details 303-944-9588   (12/1) 


36 AI Black Angus Bred Heifers for sale.  AI'd to Pharo's Rebel.  These heifers are located in Central Nebraska and are locally raised.  Pregnancy verified through ultra sound and heifers have been given preg guard shot and poured.  $2,850.  Call Eric Most 308-529-1331   (12/1)

31 Bull Bred Black Angus Heifers for sale.  Heifers bred with four and five start calving ease Pharo bulls.  These heifers are located in Central Nebraska and are locally raised.  Pregnancy verified through ultra sound and heifers have been given preg guard shot and poured.  $2550.  Call Eric Most 308-529-1331   (12/1)

50 head - straight commercial solid Red Angus bred heifers.  Synced and mass bred to PCC CO HIGH to calve April 4th.  Uniform 3-3.5 frame, fertility, fleshing ability, rib and guts, and longevity bred in.  Reputation type and kind to work in grass-fed settings.  All home-raised, Nebraska Sandhill’s developed and bred.  $ 2,750. Call Jeff @ 402-276-0911 or e-mail  Resting Heart Cattle Company, Columbus, Nebraska.   (12/1)


Commercial Red Angus heifers from PCC cooperator's herd.  12 heifers confirmed pregnant for March and April calving $2500 each.  Bred to four-star calving ease PCC Red Angus bulls.  Approximately 20 open Red Angus heifers, ideal for fall-calving $1800 each.  Heifers are PCC sired and out of PCC sired cows.  Please contact Brian Russ, Agape Cattle Company at 903-253-4265.   (12/1)


Red Angus Bull Reg # 1645515; Lot # 31 Fall 2014 Ohio Sale.  5 star calving ease, 4 star fleshing ability and low maintenance, with an excellent disposition!  Also bred unregistered heifers sired by PCC bull purchased in Kit's 2010 spring sale.  ONLY selling due to health reasons.  NW Ohio Location Contact Tony (567)674-0815 or Cheryl 567-674-2074   (12/1)


OCC Replacement Heifer Calves. 1 pot load for sale.  Ohlde influenced breeding for nearly 20 years.  Blacks and black baldies.  Deep chested wide bodies will thrive on grass!  Harrison MT 406-551-3197   (12/15)


Five smaller frame, registered Red Angus heifer calves born April 2015.  BANGS vax, all shots, pour-on, weigh low 400#, $1200.  FOB Russell, KS Jim Madsen 785-324-1247,   (12/15)


2 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers. Low BW EPD's, size small to moderate and easy fleshing.  To calve 4/19/16 $2700. Bred to PCC FSR Black Ice 2013Y.  N- K Angus, a PCC Cooperative Producer. Contact: Phil Wertenberger, Sabetha, KS.  Phil Wertenberger, 785-284-3258, (785) 285-8201or   (12/29) 


5 Registered Red Angus cows ages 5 to 7.  From PCC Cooperator herd.  Low birth weight EPD's, S-M size and easy fleshing.  To calve May 7 - May 27.  Price: 1 AI bred to Johnny B Good $2900, 3 bred to PCC FSR Black Ice 2013Y $2700; 1 open $2500.  N-K Angus, Sabetha, KS.  Phil Wertenberger, 785-284-3258, (785) 285-8201   (12/29)  


Heavily PCC influenced Red and Black Angus composite bred cattle.  25 bred heifers, 22 bred cows. Bred with PCC bulls to calve from 5/25 for 30 days.  Home raised and PCC classified ad purchased, calving ease guarantee from our fifth generation family owned Flying Diamond Ranch.  Priced to sell. Kit Carson, CO Will Johnson 719-393-3995   (12/29)


Heavily PCC influenced Bred Heifers - Black/Red Angus and Composite.  AI’ed to PCC 5 star calving ease bulls Rebel and Beral; cleaned up for 30 days with PCC calving ease bulls.  To start calving April 20th.  Heifers come with a calving ease guarantee from our fifth generation, family owned Flying Diamond Ranch.  $2300; discounts for semi loads. Kit Carson, CO Will Johnson 719-393-3995 or   (12/29)


20 head of bred cows from a grassfed program. Most are registered Red Angus, mostly Buffalo Creek and Red Fork genetics.  The remaining are high percentage red/black Angus.  Scheduled to calve in March and April.  Priced individually, or approx. $2500 each for the group.  Located in Riverton, WY. Contact Bobby Thoman 307-850-2129 or   (12/29)


6 Bred Heifers: Pharo genetics, bred to PCC Red Angus low birth weight bulls.  Will calve in May and June.  Great disposition. Small to moderate frame. Located in NW Okla. Call Glen at 580-554-5038.   (12/29)


 14 Weaned Heifers: Out of Pharo genetic cows and bulls.  Will make small moderate frame cows, great disposition.  Located in NW Okla.  Call Glen at 580-554-5038.   (12/29)


200 Head Black Angus Bred Heifers.  A.I. bred to PCC OLC Hoover 2230z; 68 lb. BW, 5 star C.E. bull.  Cleaned up with Pharo calving ease bulls.  Ultrasound pregnancy detected in 30 day calving groups.   Call Nick: 970-214-2766.   (1/5) 





Working Dogs/Pets

Seasoned rancher and farmer and foreman, seeking a new ranch home.  Believe in PCC Philosophy and breeding.  Life long experience with cattle, farming, equipment, and skilled horseman, both saddle and driving.  Laid back personality with an eye for detail.  Honest worker, have a small family, and ready for a change.  Prefer the Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas area, but will consider any good offer.   (2/23)