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Updated 1-26-2015 (Note: If you don't see the most recent date of updates, please click refresh to make sure the most recent update has loaded on your web browser. )


35 Red Angus and Red Sim/Angus bred heifers selling at Burlington Livestock on Jan 28th.  Bred to PCC Red Angus 5 star calving ease bulls.  To calve from 2-21-16 to 4-24-16.  Home raised on native pasture only with salt and mineral.  Bred and raised to be as self-sufficient.  Raised in East Central Colorado. Contact Tony Hammer for more info, 719-962-3197 or   (2/2)


100 Red Angus and Red Sim/Angus Steer calves with PCC genetics listed on Superior Production’s Country Page (video available).  Pasture weaned on 11/11/15 and have been on native grass with salt and mineral.  Averaged 500lbs. at weaning.  Vira Shild 6, Polybac B3, 8-way, boosters, back poured with Promectin, and Callicrate banded.  Raised in East Central Colorado.  Tony Hammer, 719-962-3197 or   (2/2)


5 head of Red Angus/Red Angus Hereford heifers bred to 5 star calving ease PCC Red Angus bulls.  Small to medium frame.  Calving 60 days starting 2-20-16.  $1,600 or best offer.  East Central Colorado.  Tony Hammer, 719-962-3197 or   (2/9)


7 head of Registered Red Angus cows, ages 5-11.  Originally purchased from the Ozark Hills Genetics in Missouri.  Cows are heavily Pharo influenced.  Due to calve in April and May.  5-7 year olds $2850 (3 head); 8-11 year olds $2350 (4 head).  For more info please call Aaron at 719-446-5355 or email at   (2/9)


35 Black Angus breeder heifers.  Could have red gene.  Currently out on wheat.  Asking $100 over Dodge City Market.  PI tested will be bangs vaccinated.  Out of long time Pharo bred herd.  Call Lyle at 620-338-5090.   (2/9)


Looking to buy up to 100 Red Angus or Red Angus x, Bred Cows.  Pharo influenced, ideal frame score around 3 1/2-5 range please contact Joel,  or call 970-626-5384.   (2/9)


70 head straight comm. Red Angus bred heifers.  Low-input outfit.  Rib, shape, thickness, disposition deluxe.  15 years PCC influence.  40 hd mass synchronized and settled to calve April 4 - $2,200.  30 sisters pasture bred to 5* CE - PCC clean-up bulls to calve in 20 days beginning 4/25 @ $2,100.  Will sort to satisfy.  Stapleton, NE.  Call or e-mail for details.  Resting Heart Cattle Co.  Jeff Gotschall 402-276-0911 or (2/9)


36 Black Bred Heifers AI'd to PCC Rebel due to calve March 23rd.  31 Black Bred Heifers bull bred to five star calving ease PCC Rebel son due to calve April/May.  $2,100 gate cut or $2,200 you pick.  Call Eric Most 308-529-1331.   (2/16)


53 Pharo influenced black heifers bred to Pharo 5 star calving ease bulls.  Ultrasound tested – 27 head will calve April 15-30, 18 head will calve May 1-15, and 8 head to calve May 16 – June 4, 2016.  Bangs vaccinated, Preg-gard 10 & poured.  Pictures available upon request.  Asking $2,200.  Located south central North Dakota (40 miles south of Mandan) Gene Kahl 701-471-1306 or   (2/23)


23 coming 6 year old cows.  All PCC sired and bred to PCC Black Angus bulls.  Black, black baldy, & 3 red baldy.  Due to calve late April for 60 days.  Complete vaccination program including bangs vaccinated.  $2500.  Could fill out load with 15 coming 4 year olds same cattle.  $2800.  Canyon, Texas.  Barry Josserand at 806-679-0799   (2/23)


Up to 200 half-blood heifers. Bangs vacc. May/June born. Weaned. Half Corriente and half PCC, Lapp, Leachman sired.  You will not find any lower input cattle than these kind. Mostly solid hided. Ready to breed this summer. High altitude. GAP4 certified. $1250.00/hd. Can keep on grass and breed or ship now. Call Eric Bringhurst for details. 303-944-9588 or   (2/23)


Coming two year-old Red Angus Bull for sale by PCC Cooperator in Central Texas "PCC DC Red Baron 5042B".  Registration #1684885; sold as lot 148 in the Spring 2015 PCC Colorado bull sale.  Four star calving ease and solid 4 star ratings for muscling, thickness, fleshing ability, masculinity and overall rating.  Located near Waco Texas.  Priced at $3000, please contact Brian Russ at 903-253-4265 or email   (2/23) 


12 PCC influenced bred heifers priced of $2350 per head with 6 black hided and 6 reds.  Bred to a sleep all night calving ease bull with a good disposition.  To calve after April 1.    (3/1)

18 Head of black hided Angus cross heifer calves out moderately framed PCC and Ohlde influenced cows with good dispositions.  OCV, One Shot, Cattle Master 5, and started on feed.  Priced at $1,200 per head.  Located in SE Colorado.  Call Mike at 719-529-4575 or e-mail   (3/1)
40 units of Kissimmee semen at $15 per straw.   (3/1)

40 bred heifers from PCC cooperative producer Ichthys Cattle Enterprise, none held back, all for sale. Registered and unregistered blacks, reds, and composites. Registered $4000, unregistered/composites $2750. All calves from these heifers would be eligible for the PCC program and I would purchase their calves back at a premium. Please email for more information.   (3/8)


30 head black 5 year old cows.  Pharo genetics. Bred to Pharo Black Angus bulls.  To calve in May and June.  Home raised.  Age branded.  Take all.  $2050 per head.  Located in S.W. Nebraska.  Mel Miller, 308-278-3102.   (3/8)

30 head black 5 year old cows.  Pharo genetics. Bred to Pharo Black Angus bulls.  To calve in May and June.  Home raised.  Age branded.  Take all.  $2050 per head. Located in S.W. Nebraska.  Mel Miller, 308-278-3102.   (3/8)


Fencing work wanted in SE Oklahoma and NE Texas.  We are experienced in high tensile electric wire, woven wire, and various styles of horse fence.  Let us help design or improve your rotational grazing system.  Contact Jerry Nuytten in Powderly, TX 507-829-5260 or   (2/16)





Working Dogs/Pets

Registered black and white Border Collie puppies.  Born 12/12/15.  Three males, four females.  Medium or long hair.  First shots.  Come from working parents.  Used to children.  $250.  719-783-2585 or 719-371-3861   (2/9)