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For Sale


WANTED: Proven Red or Black Angus herd sires.  Looking for bulls with excellent hair coats and bulls that are fescue tolerant.  Crooked Nail Ranch.  Rosebud, MO Jim Meyer (573) 259-4321   (10/14)


FOR SALE. Red and Black angus composite, and Hereford Bred Heifers. Synchronized and AI’ed to PCC 5-star calving ease bulls Johnny B Good (Reds) and Rebel (Blacks and Herefords) and cleaned up for 30 days with PCC calving ease bulls to start calving April 20th. 65 Reds,155 Blacks, and 35 Herefords. Highly PCC influenced heifers that come with a Calving Ease Guarantee, and from the fifth generation family owned Flying Diamond Ranch. Kit Carson, CO Will Johnson 719-393-3995   (9-30)
45 Head of PCC Influenced Red and Red Baldie heifers bred to 4-5 star PCC Red Angus bulls. Mid April calving thru late June. Available after ultrasound preg check in mid-October. Nebraska Sandhills born and raised. Rusty Star Cattle Company. Ainsworth, Ne.  (402)-387-1509 or  Tyler Greer   (9-30)
45 Head of Keith Lapp Hereford heifers bred to 4-5 star PCC Red Angus bulls.  Mid April calving thru late June.  Available after ultrasound preg check in mid-October.  Excellent set of heifers.  Raised in Nebraska Sandhills.  Rusty Star Cattle Company.  Ainsworth, Ne.  (402)-387-1509 or  Tyler Greer   (9-30)

32 Spring calving cows for sale.  12 First Calvers: registered Red Angus bred to registered Red Angus bull.  $45,000 for group.  12 Young Cows: registered Red Angus bred to registered Red Angus Bull.  $39000 for group.  8 Older Cows: same as above except one is a black red gene carrier.  $22000 for group.  Call David 417-293-1072   (11-4)


For Sale: Registered PCC Red Angus Bull 1236523; 7 years old; Good Ratings; $3500.  Located in East Central IL. Dan Hesterberg (217) 898-1989   (11-17)


Employment wanted with a livestock operation.  I have experience with registered and commercial cows, stocker cattle, sheep and goats.  Strong skills in grazing management, forage production, low-stress animal handling and general ranch management.  I am self-motivated, observant and have excellent references.  Please contact Brian Russ at: or call (903) 253-4265   (9-30)



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