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Updated 07-21-2015 (Note: If you don't see the most recent date of updates, please click refresh to make sure the most recent update has loaded on your web browser. )


BULLS Wanted.  Up to three S or S/M frame Black Angus Bulls.  Old or young.  Need not be registered or purebred, but want as much PCC influence as possible.  Needed for spares for small groups of heifers in offsite pasture.  Call Arvid in Wisconsin at 715-286-4050 or email   (8/4)   


WATERFOWL HUNTING OPPORTUNITY- I am looking for a waterfowl hunting club to join and/or a landowner who is wanting a partner to help cost share to provide habitat and/or water for hunting. I do not want a guide or a deer hunt. Please call Delmar Jenkinson at 803-309-4765.   (9/8)


Selling at Joplin Regional Stockyards Aug 1 at 5:30 pm, 50 bred heifers and 50 second and third calf cows.  Red and black with a touch of ear.  Pharo & Ozark Hills influenced.  Scheduled to calve Sept 1, for 60days.  Bred to Red Angus and Hereford bulls.  Low input, know how to eat fescue, gentle and hot wire broke.  Wally Olson 918-244-0654   (8/4)


140 black and black baldy bred heifers for sale in Central Texas.  Heifers were bred natural service to PCC five star calving-ease Black Angus bulls.  Solid vaccination program including Bovishield Gold and Brucellosis.  All heifers tested PI-free.  Confirmed pregnant via ultrasound. 115 Head due December/January and 25 head due January/February. $2950.00 each. Call Cody, Cobb Creek Farm- 402-617-9401.   (8/4)

20 Yearling heifers out of PCC D-J X factor bull registration #16938815. All our cows have been born and raised on the farm with our oldest cow being 16 and raising her 14th calf. These calves should make easy keeping and profitable cows. $1825.00 Southeastern Indiana 812-212-9782   (8/4)

Complete Dispersion: 300 fall calving heavily Pharo influenced cows.  Moderate framed, primarily bred to Pharo Red Angus bulls.  Start calving August 10th.  Approximately 200 head 5th calvers and younger.  $3,150 for choice either by age group or pot loads. Click on links to view Bodyfield 5th Calf; Bodyfield 4th Calf; Bodyfield 3rd Calf; Bodyfield 2nd Calf.  Contact Jim Bodyfield 308-750-0251 or Ryan Bodyfield 308-750-8152.   (8/11)


5 - 20 pairs.  Calves sired by PCC Angus or Red Angus x Tarentaise.  Born April/May.  Cows are1000 - 1050# Angus or Angus x Tarentaise.  Exposed to one PCC Angus and Angus bull since 7/11/05.  Deliver 8/15 to 9/15.  Asking $4,100.  All home raised.  Located 15 miles south of Haswell, Colorado.  Les Watts 719 250-7874   (8/11)


100 Heavily Pharo and Ohlde influenced Apr/May born heifer calves. Out of year round range cows calved unassisted and fed hay only in the worst of conditions with fantastic udder quality, longevity and impressive pregnancy percentages every year. October delivery for $1550 or in January weaned 60 days for $1675. Full vaccination and mineral program. Boone @ 308-430-1529 or   (8/18) 


Fall Calving Cattle. 45 Red and Black Angus composite Bred Heifers, and 15 Red and Black Angus composite 3-5 year old Bred Cows.  Both groups will start calving 8/15 for 60 days.  These cattle are home raised with 25+ years of PCC genetics in them, and bred to PCC influence caving ease bulls. Flying Diamond Ranch - Kit Carson, CO - Will Johnson 719-393-3995   (8/25) 


Pharo sired prime quality, range calved steer and heifer calves.  200 head: 125 steers, 75 heifers.  June and July calves for December delivery.  Cows are not typically fed hay or extra and are on Wicks mineral program.  Located in Wyoming.  Please call Sage, 307-351-2218.   (9/22)


Pasture available for 125 cows in Central Texas. Cows will be managed as a single herd and moved daily in a MIG grazing system. We are a PCC Cooperator. For more information call Cody, Cobb Creek Farm- 402-617-9401.   (8/4)


Custom Grazing Available in S. Central MO - Full care, year-round program. Management-Intensive Grazing with 24-48 hour moves. Emphasis on animal health AND quality forage.  Room for 100 pairs; will be able to accommodate 300 to 350 pairs in future.  Prefer to work exclusively with 1 owner.  Contact Will @ 260-504-1717.   (8/25)


RYE HAY FOR SALE: We have some nice hay available that is roughly 2/3s rye and 1/3 native grass and yellow sweet clover that was never rained on and put up right in 900# net wrapped round bales. Asking $120 per ton and could be delivered for an additional charge. Call Storm Casper at 719-529-4575 or e-mail me at   (9/1)


Bulk Triticale Seed Available:  Best prices, good test weight, and good germination.  Great crop for grazing, forage, grain, or cover crop.  Located in Southeast Colorado.  Discounts and Delivery available for large orders.  To book your order today call Mike at 719-529-4575 or e-mail at   (10/6)


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