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5 head 3-8 year old PCC influenced cows bred to calve in October.  $2500 apiece or the group for $11000.  Born and bred in the southeast.  Have been using PCC bulls since 2001.  Located an hour east of Nashville, Tennessee  615-438-1861   (6/9)


45 head of home-raised Angus and Red Angus steers. All sired by top Pharo and Ohlde bulls. They will average 450-500 pounds. Asking $3.10/pound. Open to other offers, really nice set of calves. Can send pictures via text.  Contact Jim: 573-259-4321.   (6/16)


12 5-7 year old cows with calves.  Cows are Red and Black Angus, calves are reds and blacks, 2-6 weeks old.  $3,300 per pair.  Located near Waynoka, OK.  Contact Kim Barker 580-732-0244 or email   (6/16)


15 head of yearling Pharo influenced Angus heifers. Grass Fed. No grain. Small frame. Trained to poly wire and daily paddock shifts. $1750 each. Call or text Kirk: 417-489-3933.   (6/16)

Askin Land and Livestock LLC will have 100 Black and Red Angus PCC sired heifer calves born in June and early July 2015.  Call 307-351-2218.  Willing to lock in a price now for December 20th 45 day weaned delivery.   Our cows are foraged all year long, calves are range born and calved out.  Great load of top notch calves.  Topped Torrington sale with both steers and heifers.   Id keep them all if I could.  Askin Ranch: 307-351-2218.  (6/16)

200 Heavily Pharo and Ohlde influenced Apr/May born heifer calves. Out of year round range cows calved unassisted and fed hay only in the worst of conditions with fantastic udder quality, longevity and impressive pregnancy percentages every year. October delivery for $1550 or in January weaned 60 days for $1675. Full vaccination and mineral program. Boone @ 308-430-1529 or   (7/21) 


Custom Grazing Available in S. Central MO - Full care, year-round program. Management-Intensive Grazing with 24-48 hour moves. Emphasis on animal health AND quality forage.  Room for 100 pairs; will be able to accommodate 300 to 350 pairs in future.  Prefer to work exclusively with 1 owner.  Contact Will @ 260-504-1717.   (6/23)


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