Pharo-Influenced Female Auction

Our Second Pharo-Influenced Auction!

Auction will be scheduled to end, August 8th.

As you know, we hosted our first-ever Pharo-Influence Female Auction through BigIron Livestock last April.   Several PCC bull customers consigned females to this auction.   We feel as though that auction was very successful.

There has been enough interest from PCC customers to go ahead with a Pharo-Influenced Female Auction in August.   We currently have over 100 fall-calving females consigned to this special auction.  

Time is of the essence – but we still have time to get more females consigned.   This auction is scheduled to end on August 8th.   All consignments (complete with pictures, videos and other information) will be posted on BigIron Livestock the night of August 1st.

If you are a PCC customer and if you have some fall-calving females, spring-calving pairs or replacement heifers you would like to consign to this special auction, please let us know ASAP!   We will have BigIron contact you.   They will send someone to take pictures and videos.

If you are interested in consigning give Kit a call at (719) 767-5541 or email us at