Past International Sales

Past International Sales

Australia, May 20th, 2021

Furracabad Station
642 Cherry Tree Road
Glen Innes, NSW  2370

Office in US: 0011 1 (719) 767-5541
Ryan Usmar: 0403 402 968
Kate Usmar: 0478 834 079
Kit Pharo: 0011 1 (719) 342-5085
Tyson Pharo: 0011 1 (719) 343-5039


Selling 83 ranch-raised, grass-developed bulls

Sale Commences at 1.00pm.
Lunch will be provided.
Bulls will be available for inspection 9am sale day.

US Email:

View the 2021 Sale Catalog!

Our complete 2021 Spring Sales Catalog is accessible here, or you may request a hard copy to be delivered via mail using the form below.

Internet Bidding.

This sale will be interfaced with Elite Livestock Auctions. You can participate in the live sale or pre-bid through Elite Livestock Auctions. To bid through Elite Livestock Auctions, you must register 24 hours before the sale. For more information contact the Sale Agents or call Elite Livestock Auctions at:

1300 153 135 or go to