I recently received a call from a consultant who claimed to be working with several cow-calf producers in the southeast.  This consultant was interested in helping his clients become profitable and wanted to know if Pharo Cattle Company could help.

 I was surprised when this so-called “consultant” spent so much time explaining the importance of “topping the market” at local sale barns.  He also placed emphasis on cattle with larger frames and higher growth.   I began to wonder if he was consulting for feedyards or for cow-calf producers.  It seemed as though he thought the price received at the local sale barn would determine the profitability of his clients.

 Throughout the conversation… I couldn’t help but think of the graph shown below.  For the past 30+ years, cow-calf producers have been chasing bragging rights and top-dollar bids at the local sale barns.  That focus has resulted in producers topping the market – and losing money.


Image result for annual cost to carry a cow

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