The Price-Rollback Sale is officially underway.   There are 23 PCC Solar Bulls to choose from – nine in Colorado, eight in Texas and six in Missouri.   These bulls are priced from $3500 to $6000.   Some of these bulls would have sold for $8000+ had they sold in our spring bull sales.   The prices on these bulls will be ROLLED BACK $250 every day until they are sold.

Open the links below for more information.   To see recent video clips of the bulls, go to the Quick Sort program and click on the lot number.   Click on the bull’s name in the Quick Sort program to see detailed pedigree and EPD information.

Catalog Pages

Quick Sort

Prices for the bulls are posted on the catalog pages, as well as in the Quick Sort program.   The prices on all of bulls that do not sell today (Wednesday, June 6th) will be rolled back $250 tomorrow.   For example, if the base price is $5000 and if the bull does not sell today, his price will be rolled back to $4750 tomorrow.   We will continue to roll back prices another $250 every day on the unsold bulls until all of the bulls have been sold.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to participate in our unique Price Rollback Sale.

  • Bulls will be sold on a first-come basis.  Some may be sold within the first hour.   If you want to purchase a bull, call 800-311-0995 and leave a detailed message, or send an email to
  • You might consider a second or third choice – in case your first choice has already been sold.
  • Bulls will be sold FOB where they are located.   We will not provide delivery.   However, we will do our best to find transportation and/or to coordinate transportation.   If bulls are headed in the same direction, we will let the buyers know.
  • Prices on unsold bulls will rollback $250 every day at midnight until all of the bulls have been sold.  
  • There will be a 5% Discount on purchases of five bulls or more.
  • We will do our best to update the Price-Rollback links – so you will know which bulls have been sold.
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